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Halp by DragoonoAbout meIcon - Banana by Zenhi

Hi there!
I'm an Aussie gal who likes to think on the bright side, you'll probably never see me down in the dumps.
I'm currently doing a course in Graphics Design/Multimedia, so please forgive me if I'm not as active as I could be ;;w;;
Apologies if I ever come across as being too friendly! But I mostly try to go for the same attitude whoever I'm talking to has.
Please try to type properly when speaking to me, especially if we're discussing commissions or something. If English isn't your first language that's fine, but just don't talk to me liek dis lawl how tly 4som350me.
Please don't tag me in memes of any sort. I haven't got time for that shit.

I'm not very um...personal(?) when it comes to art. You wont see me doing vent art or anything.
I'm not very adventurous with art either, I tend to shy away from new things. Which is why I'm here! To learn new techniques and improve myself :)
I'm still learning, so please bare with me!
Dragons, Robots, Aliens, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Video Games are what I like most. Most of the time that's what I end up drawing too.
I'm very self-conscious about my work, which is why I don't upload much.
Feel free to call me by whatever name works for you!

Check my character hub to see new characters of mine before they're put on dA, or even find out more information on my current characters!

[Fabulous icon of my bby Skycutter made by No-pe!]


Dragon's Dogma | Mass Effect | Pokémon | Saints Row | Darksiders | Dark Souls | Transformers: Fall of Cybertron | Skyrim | Skylanders | Battleblock Theater | Animal Crossing | Amnesia | Penumbra

TV shows
Transformers Prime | The Transformers (G1) | Rescue Bots | Transformers Animated | Beast Wars | Beast Machines | Falling Skies | Superjail | F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Will Sparks | Pegboard Nerds | Alesso | Avicii | Daft Punk | Skrillex | Brother Blake | Joel Fletcher | Hellberg

The Youtube babies
TheCreatureHub/Uberhaxornova, ImmortalHD, SSohPKC, Dexter Manning, Danznewz, Kootra, ZeRoyalViking, Sp00nerism.
Jontron | The Escapist/Zero Punctuation | Goldenblackhawk | GameGrumps | Mans1ay3r | Smosh | Markiplier | Drew Malino | Cr1tikal | MMOxReview | HowToBasic

Super rad peeps
:iconhappymango101: :iconxxlushiexx:
:iconfrosted-monster: :icondragoono: :iconthejiggymonster:
:icontvcranium: :iconfoamblanket: :iconpteradragon: :icontriinuarjus:
more lovely people! [A-Z]
:iconashe-the-hedgehog: :iconawakialkyona: :iconbuhaaghule:
:iconboltonartist: :iconarty-ikko: :iconfjoour: :iconimmonia: :iconinfernalevanesce:
:iconminatos-gal: :iconp00ts: :iconred-head-girl: :iconsparrowwrightheart::icontiffashy:

[still adding more!]
Please don't be offended if you aren't on here, these are just the people I feel I talk to the most!

Malvern by Symrea


Jd17 by That-Alcoholic-Cat Jd16 by That-Alcoholic-Cat

To-do list

For others.
- Commission for Minatos-Gal
- AT with HappyMango101 O'dear and Gryph.
- AT with PteraDragon
- CE for Foamblanket
- Birthday gifts.
- AT with Frosted-Monster of RAIN.

Personal Art.
- Transformers fan-character reference.
- Adopted characters x 1,000,000,000

Fanart. (if I get the time)
- Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.
- Dragon's Dogma.

Waiting on (for myself to keep tabs)
Commission - noleah
AT - Frosted-Monster
Commission - spiketail94
Commission - Dragoono
Designs - Painted-Shadow
Commission - Moontowhee
Commission - TheShyCorona
Commission - Project-Nav1
Commission - Frosted-Monster
Commission - Boltonartist
Commission - Zenhi
Commission - fradarlin

What will/wont I draw?

:bulletgreen: What will I draw? :bulletgreen:
- Dragons/other fantasy beasties.
- Monsters.
- Alien-like creatures.
- Robot looking things.
(Look through my gallery and you be the judge of other things)

What wont I draw? :bulletred:
- Anything with human anatomy.
- Most mammalian animals.
- Gore. (I'm fine with a bit of blood or bone, but no like...insides)
- Anything NSFW, sexual themes or that of a fetish-like nature.

Please keep this in mind when asking me to draw something.

Jd45 by That-Alcoholic-Cat



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All the better to eat you with! by Panoptos

COM: Seek and destroy by Panoptos

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Beguiled by Panoptos

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Byron by Lupeyo CM: Karkinos by SlaveToTheMocha

Halp by DragoonoMy characters by others!Icon - Banana by Zenhi

We're Decepticons, Bitch. by HappyMango101
Design commission by griffsnuff Gift for Panoptos's by SparrowWrightheart Cheeb.Nightracer by Buhaaghule Comm: Swimmy Swimmy by Foamblanket

look at these beautiful things people do for me omg



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thanks so much for the watch <3 your page is amazingly snazzy~
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You're most welcome! I'm so disappointed I haven't watched you yet! I kept seeing your art around, but kept forgetting to click through to your profile :'D
Your art style is so fab omg. I especially love your sense for colour theory/techniques!

GAH and thank you for the watch as well! I really appreciate it!
omg I'm laughing so much at our icons just constantly wagging their eyebrows together xD
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haha thank you for the complements :hug: It really means a lot, I am still learning how to draw transformers better :> 

I hope I will soon be happy with my style *plops* 

And why thank you :P I think in the prime style the eyebrows are the most important thing~
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Thank you for the watch, it means a lot to me ;u;
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:blush:  Thank you so much ;u;
I'm very impressed by your dragons and all the effort you put into each picture. ouo
Keep it up! 
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You're most welcome!
and oh my gosh thank you so much! GAH that really means a lot to me! As well as being super motivating! :'D
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